The Holiday Gift Box Program is up and running!

During 2016 we made many changes at UAID. We completely restructured our approach to providing the Holiday Gift Box to ensure we are serving more individuals and doing it all more efficiently in all areas! This year we got applications out earlier so the agencies we serve had ample time to make their requests, we got an incredible space donated to us by Valley Fair Mall, and we are already beginning to call agencies and individuals to come and pick up their gifts. We are still processing applications and so far we have approximately 1100 individuals who have applied. We need your help to continue to keep this amazing program going. We need volunteers to come in and help us onsite at the Valley Fair Mall location, groups of all kinds can do sock or underwear collections for us (does your book group need a holiday activity? do you have youth looking for service hours?) and we need donations. Join the fun and help support a wonderfully fulfilling program!